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LAMP Weekly Mix #188 feat. divaDanielle

LAMP Weekly Mix #188 feat. divaDanielle

This week we have Queen of the Playa and one of the head conspirers for the most magical musical community on the planet (Charlie the Unicorn) divaDanielle providing us with the soundtrack for the week. An accomplished producer of music and events in and around Southern California her infectious good attitude “Sparkles” as she spreads her love of house and techno across the land. From Burning Man to Coachella and all points in between divaDanielle has been spreading the gospel of house along with her Unicorns and we are elated she with what she put together for us, on her Birthday no less! I got a chance to as Diva a few questions as is customary which you will find below along with the full track list. Enjoy.

PZB: Hi and welcome, we are really excited to have you this week as our guest for the LAMP weekly mix series. I would like to first off wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for taking the time to make a mix for our listeners and for answering our questions.

I have seen the track list and had a chance to listen to the mix which is rather fantastic. Let’s start off with you telling our listeners what to expect from your mix this week.

divaDanielle: This mix is definitely a little techie and less vocally than I normally do. Of course, it’s still me so there’s still an element of booty. LOL! I really wanted to make something representative of when I think of LAMP. And I always love opportunities to explore all the music that I love.

PZB: We came to know you through your involvement with the music community known as “Charlie The Unicorn” (more on that in a bit). When did you first become interested in the house music scene and what was it that peaked your interest?

divaDanielle: When I was about 17, I went to Europe and heard electronic music in general for the first time. But it was when I came out to LA after college that I really started just adoring House Music. My fate was sealed when a guy asked me on a date to Marques Wyatt’s Deep which back then was still at Club Vinyl. I think that’s Sound Nightclub now. I was hooked!

PZB: More than just a Burning Man art car and theme camp, one of the biggest music communities in all of Southern California is “Charlie the Unicorn” aka Camp Charlie. You are an instrumental part of that organization and have brought much to the music scene in and around Los Angeles. For those of is with no clue what Im talking about how would you explain the “Unicorn” experience?

divaDanielle: We like to call it “Unicorning so hard!” When I think about our music and events, I like to think of the main focus as being inclusivity through silliness. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and with that we hope to create an environment where attendees and listeners feel open to being themselves. We want to be playful and welcoming. We have another motto – ONE OF US! I feel like that’s at the essence of it all. Everyone’s welcome. Everyone’s invited. Everyone’s part of our weird magical world.

PZB: In addition to the massive amount of work you do for Charlie you also find time to put out a few tracks here and there. You had some pretty righteous success with your first release “GhettoWork” and followed that up with another very successful track that charted in the top 10 on Beatport “I Got A Man” with Dj Dan. Earlier this year you had a nice one with Wülfpack as well. I know you are insanely busy but any more track in the pipeline we can look forward to?

divaDanielle: I’ve been working on a new track with my friend, rapper Annie Dolly. But my schedule got so insane this Summer. That’s a good thing! That touring sort of got put in the lead position. I am looking forward to actually getting back into the studio this fall!

PZB: Congrats on all of your bookings lately. I feel like I have seen your name on just about every festival on the west coast over the last few years. From smaller fests like Genius Loci, Boogaloo and the upcoming One Love Fest to the bigger ones like Lightning In A Bottle and weekend 2 of Coachella this year in the Do Lab. It is a big deal to get to play out on those polo fields give us a little insight to what that experience was like please.

divaDanielle: Oh man, sometimes I feel nervous when it’s 20 people still! 1000 or 20, its all the same! Ahaha! But yeah, playing with that larger crowd is insane! So much energy. So many faces. It honestly is a high like nothing else. I remember dancing in those crowds so to be up on the stage now, I feel incredibly blessed to get to share what I love with so many people.

PZB: Speaking of insane booking schedules you are the queen of the playa when it comes to gigs. I thought I took on a lot last year but you are a mad woman 😉 How many gigs you gonna have lined up for Burning Man this year and which ones are you most looking forward to?

divaDanielle: I learned my lesson last year when I booked like 13. I just didnt want to say no to anyone. Honestly, I still don’t! But I limited myself to 6 this year. I want free time to roam the playa!

PZB: Can you share with us a moment from one of your past Burns that was really special for you?

divaDanielle: Last year, I played a set at The Duck Pond. At the end of my set, the crowd had passed around a sheet of construction paper and everyone wrote little notes to me on it. It was so adorable and so sweet. I almost broke into tears when they gave it me. That was the first time that has ever happened. A lot of them were form other cities so this was really their only chance to see me play. It was really sweet. I won’t forget that!

PZB: What would you say the most important lesson you have learned in your music career has been so far?

divaDanielle: Don’t take anything personal! I tell people this all the time. Whether someone books me or doesn’t book me could really be any of myriad of reasons. I used to let so many things devastate me. I think going through a lot and trusting in my own abilities built up my confidence. I have a much easier time realizing some people are gonna love what I do. Some people are gonna hate what I do. That’s life right?!

PZB: I noticed you through in a Camelphat track from a couple years back. He has been on a roll lately and one of my favorite producers at the moment. Is there any one else you are particularly fond of at the moment we should be keeping an eye on?

divaDanielle: Feelgood, Volac, Gabe, Justin Jay, Maximono…I feel like I could go on and on. All of it’s been a little darker lately but with this element of silliness to it. I feel like CamelPhat’s “Hangin’ With Charlie” is a good example of what I dig lately!

PZB: It has been a big debate this year one that has divided many a family. Eclipse or The Burn or Both!!!! I think I already know the answer but just for fun what are your thoughts?

divaDanielle: I’m only going to the burn. This is only because after the Summer I had if I tried to do both, I may collapse! The burn is a bit easier for me and our camp helps me out by getting me a ticket each year because of all the time I dedicate. Things just fell into place much easier. I know I’m going to have so much FOMO though!

Track List

1. Gabe & Rockstead “Want You”
2. “Grow Up”
3. Feelgood “No Baby”
4. G Dom “Actify”
5. Justin Pak “Monark”
6. KZN “u Know hOw”
7. Feelgood & Thonig “Your Thighs”
8. Skapes “Uma”
9. CamelPhat “Make ‘Em Dance”
10. Antony Dyer “Makes My Body Go”
11. Koen Groeneveld “Summer of 1983”
12. Farfan “Kids On The Block”
13. Skapes “Down Like That”

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