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LAMP Weekly Mix #177 feat. The Golden Boy

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From the moment his bootleg of Lauryn Hill’s ‘That Thing’ graced our dance floors, The Golden Boy has progressively built up a stellar catalog of originals, remixes and more bootlegs that have found their way into practically every DJ’s setlist across the world. His knack for developing catchy melodies around reimagined vocals and his explorations into original sounds have brought a strong pairing and understanding of what people want to hear on the dance floor while staying fresh and unique.

From the early days with Eton Messy to his recent release with Jamie Jones and Lee Foss imprint Emerald City Label it’s not surprising to see how TGB arrived at where he is today. We are honored and grateful to have him on our mix this week, so enjoy the music and check out his interview with MR PUZL along with the tracklist below.

MR PUZL: Dom, welcome to our guest mix series. We’ve been itching to have you on our series for a bit and now here we are! What have you got in store for our listeners this week?

The Golden Boy: Thanks for having me! Plenty in store including loads of new tracks I’m feeling right now and couple new ones from me fresh out of the studio. Really enjoyed doing this mix!

MP: Your explosion on to the scene has been well documented with your remix of Lauryn Hill’s “That Thing” racking up nearly 3 million plays on Youtube to date. When you were first working on the track did you ever have a moment or think, “yeah this tune is going to be big”? Were there some other tracks you we working on at the same time that you thought might also get the same reaction?

TGB: Tbh back then I didn’t really over think what I was doing. There were a few other tracks around that had been using acapellas from older tracks that I liked but none had really gone down a classic house route. So yeah the rest is history really, never expected for it still to be doing the rounds now!

MP: Eton Messy has been your main label and obviously supported you from the early stages of your career. Since then you’ve gone on to release on countless other imprints and your palette has expanded and broadened. When you’re making a track do you have an idea of where you think it should end up or is it more of a reaction based situation from the labels you send it out to?

TGB: I tend to have an idea of what I’m writing for (label, b side to another track, fresh idea) but really I just jam with what I’m feeling. You can over think the writing process sometimes and I’m always sucker for it! Sometimes labels really feel one track and then I’ll create an EP based around that track.

MP: When you were first starting did you have a team working with you to help get your work in front of the right people or were you doing the outreach yourself?

TGB: No it was all done by myself. It just gets to a point where you feel that it needs a touch more professionalism when dealing with labels, agents & promoters. Each artist is different but you know when you need a little bit of help.

MP: You went to University in Birmingham to study sound production and engineering and that subsequently led you down the road of producing your own music and falling in love the with the UK house scene. What was your impetus for wanting to focus on those studies? Had you ever had any experience with music equipment or instruments before then?

TGB: I’ve played in bands from a young age and I’ve always been one to really be at the forefront of the music I’ve listened to by hunting on blogs, Soundcloud etc. It wasn’t until going out during my uni years to raves that I really fell in love with the DJing aspect of electronic music.

MP: Your EP 8 Bit that came out on Glasgow Underground this year was awesome, and I’m still playing out ‘Trauma’. Both tracks kind of have their own unique identity and character. What was the thinking behind pairing those tunes together?

TGB: Kinda like a ying and yang approach to it. Kevin (Glasgow Underground) had ‘Trauma’ for a while and it had been getting a great response in my sets however we couldn’t quite find a suitable b side. 8 bit was another track he loved and we decided to go with that. Went down well tho so I’m glad we did!

MP: This wasn’t your first time working with Kevin’s imprint. How did that relationship initially develop?

TGB: Kevin reached out to us for some music and we went from there really. He’s a top guy with a really good ear for quality music and he’s been really welcoming to the slight maturing sound from me. Gave me a chance when no one else would.

MP: To stay on the topic of recent releases your single ‘Regular’ just came out on Nervous last month. It features a wonderful acid house synth line that kind of runs through the whole track. In the past I’ve heard via your interviews that you usually build a melody around a vocal that you’re really into. Does that still hold true today or have your production methods changed and evolved over time?

TGB: I still work to that way to an extent. Now it’s more of a theme more than a melody. So I’ll get a synth, vocal or drum idea and develop that.

MP: As we head into the long awaited summer, what have you got lined up in terms of shows and festivals? Will you be making your way stateside?

TGB: I’ve got a big show in Ibiza lined up for the Ibiza rocks and do not sleep crew with Sonny Fodera, Latmun, Javi Bora & Jamie Roy. Nothing stateside in the near future but fingers crossed for something next year! I’m dying to get on my travels there.

MP: To end on an easy note (pun intended) what were some of the first records you ever purchased? Were they on vinyl, cd, cassette? Do you ever find a way to play them in your sets these days?

TGB: I’ve got a cracking tape selection at my parents house, some that are far too uncool to mention (backstreet boys ha) however I think one of the first tracks I got was Eiffel 65 – Blue! Only just started to get into vinyl recently and I’ve got a bit of an eclectic selection. Everything from Michael Jackson to Traumer to Kendrick Lamar. Only get them out for house parties, I’m pretty happy with just my subs rather than lugging records around.


1. Ninetoes – Come Back
2. James Jacob – Over
3. Paperclip People – Throw (Slam’s RTM remix)
4. ANOTR – Cultural Decline
5. The Golden Boy – Dance with this
6. Apollo 84 – Work (Brett Gould remix)
7. Riaz Dhanini – Hot Fuse
8. The Golden Boy – Patter
9. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (TGB edit)
10. De La Swing – Connected
11. Supernova – Get Hot
12. The Golden Boy – Ensemble
13. Rich Wakley – Rendezvous (Nathan Barato Remix)
14. Sonny Fodera – Always Gonna Be (Mat.joe funked up remix)

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