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LAMP Weekly Mix #172 feat. Pascal Pur

This week we have a mix from the insanely talented Pascal Pur. Pascal dropped a real treat off for us this morning as he leads us down a deep, melodic rabbit hole. We have been looking forward to Pascal’s mix for a couple of months now and he sure did deliver! Buckle up for 73 minutes of big city beats from the first kick until the last synth run peters out. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

MG: Pascal! Welcome to our Weekly Mix series. Tell us a little about the mix you have put together.

PP: Normally my mix tapes are a little bit different to what i would play in the club. More chilled. But this one reflects me more how i would play in the club. Its a collection of a lot new tracks and some older ones.

MG: I first came across you when you originally posted The Pathfinder last year. I was drawn to your deep, carefully constructed melodies. You obviously put a lot of effort into your productions. How did you become interested in production? Who are a few of your artistic influences?

PP: I get interested in music production right after I started deejaying. Now after the last months I get more and more in the whole thing of music production. I don’t wanna just create House or Techno Tracks. Music Production has become something were im really curious in. There are a lot of artistic influences but to name a few I would say the whole DIYNAMIC rooster is a big influence for me.

MG: I loved your remix of Vvithenu’s ‘Ten Falls’ from last year. Romy is a good friend of ours and has performed at a few of our events. How did you guys link up?

PP: I get in contact with the guys when the Label Baikonur Recordings decided to do an Remix Contest for the Ten Falls EP. In that time we got just some short conversations. But it would be nice to hear again from them. I like the work of them and I had a lot of fun doing the Remix.

MG: Why do you make music? What is it that you enjoy most about it?

PP: Short and simple. When i make music I can turn off everyday life.

MG: We all have to do things that we don’t necessarily want to do in order to support our passions. What kinds of jobs have you worked outside of music? How have they impacted your process?

PP: Im still working as a Mediadesigner at a printing house. Its also the same company were i did my education. Its my job. Its ok and it don’t influences my music.

MG: What would you say the most important lesson you have learned in your music career has been so far?

PP: That it is ok to make mistakes. Music production is a real big thing for me. When I started making music I was often very frustrated when i couldn’t implement my ideas. I have learned that that is ok and tried to learn out of these things.

MG: Do you have anything in the pipeline that you can talk about?

PP: Yeah of course. In early may my new EP called „Rileys Secret“ will be released on the label DUNKELHEIT. It includes 2 Originals by me and 1 Remix of a good friend. I finished the tracks already some months ago. Because of that I cant wait anymore to share it.

MG: Favorite track right now?

PP: Eli & Fur – Wendy Legs


1. Yotto – Oscillations (Original Mix)
2. Adriatique – Ion (Original Miix)
3. NTFO – Focusee (Original Mix)
4. Talking Machines – Switching Process
5. Lazarusman, Hyenah – The Idea (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)
6. Pascal Pur – Rileys Secret (Trai&Bent Remix)
7. H.O.S.H. – Nostalgia (Original Mix)
8. Raw District – From the Inside (Original Mix)
9. Oc&Verde – Horizon (Original Mix)
10. Eli & Fur – Wendy Legs (Original Mix)
11. Max Cooper – Organa (Patrice Baumel Remix)

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