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LAMP Weekly Mix #160 feat. SEFF

LAMP Weekly Mix #160 feat. SEFF

Today we welcome UK artist SEFF to the mix series. With over 2 decades of experience SEFF has built up quite the successful career over the past 20 years or so. Becoming one of Steve Lawler’s Viva Warriors is no joke not to mention numerous releases with WOW, Hot Creations, Selador, and his own Mindmaze records along with many other notable labels. While this hour long mix barely does justice to this amazing producers ability you will definitely want to sit sit back and let him take you on a journey. As usual our maim man on the scene MR PUZL had a chance to sit down with SEFF and pick his brain a little in an interview down below. Still working on the complete track list once that is available we will add it as well.

MR PUZL: Welcome to the LAMP Weekly Mix Series! I’ve had a listen to some of your Mindcast episodes and was curious to see what you’d come up with for us. Tell us a bit about the tracks you’ve selected and the vibe you’re going for.

SEFF: I’ve basically tried to take you all on a journey as much as I could in an hour which is fairly hard with the broad range of styles that I make and play.

MR PUZL: Your bio says you started producing in 1992 and your Resident Advisor profile lists the alias 12:21. Can you tell us anything about this identity and is it related to some of your early work?

SEFF: I’ve not been producing since 92, that’s when I basically got hooked on underground music, I started producing in the late 90’s. The 12:21 thing is actually a new project which I’ve been working away on behind the scenes to release my more obscure techno stuff under.

MR PUZL: In 2012 you were hand picked by Steve Lawler to be a ViVa Warrior Resident. Following that you garnered the attention of Jamie Jones and the rest is well documented history. Did you imagine you’d find yourself in the same conversation as legends like that?

SEFF: Strangely in a way, yes! It was always my goal since the start to produce and play music, I feel like it’s what I was put on this earth to do!

MR PUZL: What first inspired you to start producing? Who were some early influences that got you into dance music?

SEFF: The Prodigy in 92, I could go on forever with all of my other influences but I’ll keep that one short and sweet as that’s the first album which I ever had (The Experience).

MR PUZL: We always love to hear about our guests’ studio setups. Can you walk us through yours? What was the first piece of gear you ever purchased? What’s your DAW of choice?

SEFF: I use Logic X on a MacBook Pro which I then connect to the rest of my setup, again there’s so much gear I could go on all day but the first synth I ever bought was a Virus TI which still comes out play every now and then when i’m after a certain sound.

MR PUZL: You dropped a free track this past New Year called Igloo. It has a very melodic, ambient feel to it that is juxtaposed with some very sharp percussion layers and drums. What motivated you to create this song?

SEFF: I just wanted to produce something different that day, I do it a lot and then can never be bothered in the end to try and find labels for those type of tracks so i’ll normally end up just giving them away on my Soundcloud.

MR PUZL: With all the buzz around your music of late, you’ve had the opportunity to travel the world quite a bit. Any highlights from last year? Where would you go back to without question? Any new stops that you’d like to see on your travels this year?

SEFF: Colombia was amazing, would love to go back there, the people are extremely friendly. Florence in Italy too and of course Ibiza and Dubai. I’d love to play in Australia and the states of course which hasn’t happened as of yet.

MR PUZL: It’s a fresh year with so much new music on the horizon. Anything you can reveal or tell us about coming from you soon?

SEFF: Lots, the best thing to do is to just keep an eye on my socials as most are still under wraps as of yet.

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