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LAMP Weekly Mix #154 feat. Binaryh


LAMP Weekly Mix #154 feat. Binaryh

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This week we are excited to present Brazilian duo Binaryh. Hailing from São Paulo these two have recently been featured on the Steyoyoke Black techno label twice over these last few months debuting their project and catching the attention of the techno world. Sit back as they take you on an hour long journey through some of the finest techno on offer today including a couple promo tracks yet to be released from them. I had the opportunity to ask them a few questions and gained some insight on what appears to be a growing underground scene in Brazil. A huge thank you to Binaryh for taking part in our little mix series. Check out what they had to say down below along with the complete track list so you can stop shazaming.

PZB: Hello and thank you for taking the time to talk to us. You are just coming off of you second release with Steyoyoke Black. I have been following Steyoyoke since its early days and am amazed at the level of talent and quality that is constantly coming from that label. For many people reading this it will be their first exposure to Binaryh. Tell us a little about what we can expect from your mix this week?
Binaryh: We are grateful for the invitation to this interview and for the support that the LAMP team has given to our work since our first EP. Well, we like more introspective and obscure songs, and we also like to make fairly progressive sets, i mean, no operating system was made in a day, right? If we think that it all started with a series of zeros and ones group that have been increasing until everything becomes what we see today on the screen of our computers … this is the analogy we like to use for our sets. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end, where the great apex is usually given. We hope you like it.

PZB: You seem to take the Binaryh name seriously and have a little bit of fun with it at the same time. How did you both come up with the idea for the name and what significance does it have on your productions?
Binaryh: We spent more than half of our day seeing everything in binary code because we were always connected on the computer. Both Camila, who works as a journalist and social media, and myself, who teaches music production and work with Ableton and Native.
We ended up bringing this to Binaryh because we are joined as two algorithms, which separate do not work. Together we can create our reality within music. I have already had other projects as a producer, with songs played by Carl Cox, Umek, among others, and today in Binaryh we get freedom to express what we are feeling at the moment of production and simply to make music. Without thinking of labels.

PZB: I saw a post on your Facebook page from a couple months back that was a white board tagged with “Binaryh” in Binary code and the words “Binaryh was here”, which I found funny and absolutely brilliant. Can either of you read or write in Binary Code? I confess I used the internet to translate.
Binaryh: We also use it! Hahahaha We try to show our concept and name in everything we do around this project. From time to time we make these different photos, our biography was all written around the concept of binary code, our chart in Beatport calls “Decimal System”. Camila is formed in advertising and publicity and can create many cool things, all based on research and gives a fun end to things. The theme makes us travel a lot in ideas and does not leave anything tiring.

PZB: You are the first Brazilians to be a part of the Steyoyoke Black label with your debut release of “Primary Code” at the end of the summer. You recently followed that up with another EP for Black’s reconstructed series. The Black sub label is definitely geared more towards the darker/ heavier realm of techno. Will we potentially be hearing anything from you guys on the main label anytime soon? Or any other labels?
Binaryh: Things between Steyoyoke and Steyoyoke Black are quite different. We do not think our sound fits into the main label and we do not intend to change our sound so we can fit into Steyoyoke or any other label. Of course we have intentions to release our music elsewhere and we are looking for labels that we like and believe, that make a serious sound and work our songs with affection. The path is not easy and there is no formula to suddenly be into a reputable label, but one day we will get there.

PZB: A fellow Brazilian of yours who is a major contributor to Steyoyoke is Blancah. Had the chance to meet her when she was in LA last. She is a fantastic producer and was incredibly friendly and nice to chat with. I am curious if you guys knew each other before releasing with Steyoyoke? Do you have any potential plans for any collaborations coming up you can tell us about?
Binaryh: In fact we owe practically everything to Blancah. It was because of our friendship that she introduced us to the Steyoyoke family. We got to talk about a collab, but because of our tumultuous agendas it’s hard to stop to think about it. She is in a very focused moment with the recent release of her album, international tour and here in Brazil she always has a full schedule, while we are dedicated to the divulgation of our new EP, besides we are establishing some partnerships and making remixes. But who knows, one day we come up with a surprise?

PZB: Occasionally I see you post pictures and short videos of you at work in the studio. Can you run us through your set up? What would you say is your most essential piece of equipment that you have you couldn’t live without.
Binaryh: We love sharing with our followers our production process and studio jokes. It is important for us as artists to show that our work is real. In the studio we basically used Ableton Push, Komplete Kontrol, Beatstep and Microbrut from Arturia. Let’s start investing in analog equipment now. We like specific brands like Native Instruments (both to produce and to play) and our key piece is Ableton Push, it differentiates us both when producing and in live performances. The studio is a child of ours in constant development.

PZB: On that note what is your set up like when you play out. Do you do more of a live set or use CDJ’s?
Binaryh: We definitely do not use CDJs. We think that as a duo who has a deeper knowledge of equipment we would have to present ourselves with a different and more elaborate setup to explore new possibilities. We can say that we have a mixture of djset and live because we use equipments to make some sound interventions that we create while we are on the stage, but also like to play songs of other artists by Traktor. So our setup consists of two Kontrol X1 from Native Instruments, an Ableton Push and a Pioneer RMX 1000, plus the mixer, of course. It is very interesting to see the reaction of people when they come close to our setup because there are many buttons and lights accessed and everyone is delighted with that. In Brazil, our setup is considered different, but from what we see of other artists that play around the world, this is a common setup and sometimes considered small. This setup is also constantly evolving because if there is one thing we do not want is to stand still inside the cabin. The idea is in a while to have a whole presentation in live format and with another setup, totally new.

PZB: I noticed you have been playing a few gigs here and there in São Paulo. Do you have any plans for any touring coming up. Like maybe coming to LA?
Binaryh: We did not plan any tours yet but it would be a great pleasure to play in Los Angeles. We want to have more of our own music to introduce to the public before embarking on a major tour. We did not expect the repercussion of our work to be so great with just two EPs released and we realized that in the end we have no control over it and feel flattered by our followers asking for presentations in every corner of the world, especially the Argentine public has great affection for our work. So we’re ready for whatever comes next.
If any interesting invitation comes up, we will give our best as we currently do. Promoters, you can get in touch with us. =)

PZB: São Paulo is a bit like the LA of Brazil. Its huge and sprawling has terrible traffic and smog. Its also has a rich culture and nightlife. Can you elaborate on the techno scene there? What are some of your favorite venues to play at in Sao Paulo and to go to see your favorite artists?
Binaryh: We say that if we leave São Paulo one day we would have to go to some other city that is as agitated as here. We are very happy to know that LA is similar to SP, we will love to get to know the city at any time. Here in São Paulo we are going through a moment where we have many more independent parties than clubs betting on underground and techno. Definitely D-Edge is a place to go to dance, meet new artists and listen to internationally renowned producers. They always bring international artists and have a casting of their own with very good artists, such as Blancah and Alex Justino. Another cool place is Clash Club, that is investing in new and interesting Techno names and in 2017 they will have a new and special programming aimed at that style. Particularly we love playing there, we are always received with great affection by the club staff and by the public.

PZB: When most people think techno they are not thinking Brazil. Lately though I have been coming across more and more incredible Brazilian producers. Its as if the beaches got boring and you all went inside and started making music. Who are some other talented Brazilian producers we may not be aware of we should be keeping an eye on.
Binaryh: Yes, the Brazilian producers are increasingly in evidence and are doing a very good and consistent work out there. Our current star is ANNA who is making the biggest hit around the world. Around here we like the work of Against the Time, Alex Justino, L_Cio, Adan Mor, Monobloq among many other artists who are working hard on music. It’s hard to speak every name because we see and hear a lot. Sorry for not being able to quote everyone, but in our sets you will always have some Brazilian of prominence for us.


1. Mind Against – Atlant
2. Gui Boratto, Renato Ratier – Driver
3. Primal, Pisetzky – Elevation
4. Agents Of Tme – Obsidian
5. Binaryh – Algorithm (Promo)
6. Binaryh – Parallels (Promo)
7. Maceo Plex, C.A.R – Mirror Me
8. Rebekah – Confined Heart
9. Jeff Rushin – Coda
10. SHDW, Obscure Shape – Die Wiederkehr
11. Against The Time, Victor Enzo – Tesla
12. Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)

Check out more from Binaryh on their SoundCloud Page and down below as well.

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