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LAMP Weekly Mix #152 feat. illyus & Barrientos


LAMP Weekly Mix #152 feat. illyus & Barrientos

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It’s no secret that over the past 2 years illyus & Barrientos have been on a steady rise within the house music scene. Early on in their burgeoning partnership their tasteful remixes caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry. This year has seen the two unveil their full potential with one original work after another continuing to impress their peers and of course captivate their audiences. Their unlikely pairing was orchestrated by Glasgow Underground boss and our guest from last week Kevin McKay who’s endless amount of knowledge in the industry spanning over 20 years has helped elevate this duo to the forefront of every DJs rekordbox. MR PUZL got to chat with the Glaswegian producers about their humble beginnings and what a night on the town with lads would be like.

MR PUZL: Guys! Congrats on all the success this year and the recent charting of your forthcoming release on Glasgow Underground ‘Touch My Mind’. Tell us a bit about this mix and the tracks and artists you’ve chosen.

illyus & Barrientos: Thanks for all the support it’s appreciated. Really enjoyed putting this mix together for you guys. The mix pretty much represents what we’re into and currently playing. Little bit of Ron Basejam in there, talented marquis Hawkes present too (some great releases with Glasgow label DABj), Man of the moment Mall Grab, label mate J Paul Ghetto as well as an unsigned thing from us. We also decide to put the summer record of the year in… Floorplan ‘Tell No Lies’. Literally heard this everywhere we went to in the summer months.

MP: It’s been a whirlwind since you guys started working together. What do you think were some early obstacles or hurdles that you needed to overcome as individuals as well as collaborators on this project?

IB: Mainly it would be the challenge of working with someone. There is the fear that you may no click or could be holding each other back by forcing something. We also had to learn a lot about the industry because it has been such a quick whirlwind. At 1st you do think as long as you make quality music it will be heard & people will pick up on it but the game is much larger than anticipated. It may seem a small thing but life schedule was another thing we had to take into account. One of us is a dad (illyus & the other a full time student Barrientos). Even to this day we’re not always in the studio together but the plus side of that is when one guy is too busy the other is hard at work which means the full week something gets done.

MP: Kevin was the matchmaker in your relationship and we had the good fortune of having him on our mix series last week. From an outsider looking in he seems to be a one-of-a-kind type of person and his passion for music is clear. What is it about working with Kevin that helps you both progress as artists?

IB: We actually don’t like Kev… haha of course we’re joking (terrible Scottish humour). Kev’s unbelievable wealth of experience in dance music is amazing. In Amsterdam for example before going out we actually had a night just flicking through old records. In only a few hours we had a nice new catalogue of old skool crackers thanks to Kev’s years in house music. On the industry side of things most things that we come across Kev has already dealt with in his career, for us that is a massive plus. We are always able to lean on him for advice or even when we have the odd creative block he’s a call away to may be chip in with a spark. That goes the other way around too, he will sometimes mail us for advice on a record he’s looking to sign or a track he’s working. We’re pretty much a team.

MP: As you mentioned in your interview with Toolroom, getting a track signed to them was a massive achievement and goal. Are there plans to return to the imprint with more releases? What are some other labels you’d like to put your music out on?

IB: We get on great with the Toolroom team. We have discussed releasing on the label again & are currently in the process of writing new records that may fit the label. But like anything it has to earned so we have to come up with something special for the Toolroom guys. We always try to showcase our best work, think that’s the main advice we would give anyone. Other labels… There are loads of labels we love, want to get on & have a few things happening but for now we’ will remain tight lipped.

MP: Original works have been more of a focus after a rush of remixes last year. You’ve also been working with vocalists in the studio to enhance those productions. How has that experience been? Do you see yourselves involving other musicians, instrumentalists in future work? Would this ever translate into something you’d want to recreate and perform in a more ‘live’ atmosphere?

IB: Working with vocalist was a good mainly because you learn to deal with various live sung stems which we manipulated a little different to samples we have used in the past. Live show is a thing we discuss a lot & at some point want to try out. As we continue growing there will be an option to full fill that ambition, sure of it.

MP: It’s always and eye opening experience to hear what our guests are listening to when they’re not making their own music. Who’s on the short list of new local/British producers that you’re fans of?

IB: From our part of the world we would have to name the ones making great moves like Denis Sulta, Theo Kottis & obviously our man Kevin Mckay. There are a few up & coming guys too like idamos (This guy is an absolute whizz kid in the studio, music is class) & TipToes who has this raw sound which just takes you back a little. Big Miz from Glasgow is another guy to look out for (heard someone go on about his ep the other day). For a few darker things check Dalfie out. We got to hear his latest Ep which is going to a pretty special label, NICE!

MP: If we were to visit Glasgow and get a day and night on the town with you guys what would be the first order of business and where to from there? Where would we go to cure the unavoidable hangover from a proper night out?

IB: If we’re talking the weekend we would start with few drinks in the pub with the football. Since we have had a few bevy’s by now someone is getting a short, back & sides. Need to experience Barrientos Barbers banter, great guy! We would assume everyone had breakfast so we would not eat again because as the saying goes ‘eatings cheating’. Glasgow has some great bars at night with amazing dj’s providing tunes. Some nights you walk in somewhere & guys like Milton Jackson, Mash or Dabj are playing. Since we all love music that’s a must. Finally the clubs. Main haunt that everyone wants to check out is the Sub Club but before we take you there we would show you guys the madness that takes place in the Berkeley Suite & La Cheetah. Great smaller venues that always book great guest as well as have immense resident nights. Last stop the Subbie & from there if anyone is up for it we hit an after party (clubs close at 3am in Glasgow so need to carry on somewhere else). Next day hangover cure… one simple answer for that … FULL BREAKFAST! illyus will make it no prob.

MP: You’ve started to play outside of Britain a bit more this year and even got to experience Space’s closing party this year. What was that like knowing it was the end of a era? What are some other venues/countries that you’d love to play going into next year?

IB: Ahh Space closing, we went as clubbers only. We didn’t want to miss out so went over. Sometimes it’s just good to be on the dancefloor and take that experience in. It was immense due to the fact you could tell it was the end as the night progressed into the early hours. People were getting emotional, it was crazy. We’ve been privileged enough to play at the venue a year prior to it closing. That was unbelievable for us & now feels that little more special. We literally just want the chance to play everywhere in the world. There are obviously amazing venues in the world but sometimes the best parties come from the strangest places or scenarios.

MP: When you’re stuck on something in the studio what gets you past ‘writer’s block’?

IB: Various approaches. We either listen to music to get us going again or take a break from it completely. Both work pretty well at times. When taking a break it’s simply just to give our heads/ears a rest from to many sources trying to influence our process. It sometimes helps just coming back with fresh ears. Listening to music doesn’t just mean house. We are massive hip hop fans & also enjoy Jazz as well as Classical so inspiration could come from anywhere.

MP: Speaking of studios what kind of setup do you guys have? Do you take your work on the road with you?

IB: We love Maschine & a use quite a few plug ins to manipulate samples or come up with our own sounds. Also have a few outboard bits which we’re using more often now especially for the raw stuff. Currently looking to invest into a set of Neumann KH310 & move on from our Event 20/20. RME baby face is our choice of soundcard & mainly use logic x.
We take our laptops & headphones on the road to work on ideas from there it’s easy to finish things off in the studio. Goes without saying we don’t have all the toys at our disposal but it’s always a good challenge to make something happen with less.

MP: What’s your must have meal before playing a club night?

IB: Not sure we have a specific must have meal. Once we had a curry which was way to heavy & we struggled to move at the gig. Not a good shout. Last time in Bristol we kept it simple & quick, McD’s was the choice. As you can tell the dj’s diet is a great one.


1. Marquis Hawkes – Discopuss
2. Ron Basejam – The Carrington Spirituals
3. Adesse Versions – Explain It
4. Dick Johnson – Make A Record
5. Daniel Steinberg – Rush Me (Format:B Remix)
6. Simon Adams & Stefano Mango – Saxophone
7. illyus & Barrientos – Alright
8. J Paul Getto & Alex Herrera – Everything Changes
9. Mall Grab – I Just Wanna
10. Floorplan – Tell You No Lie
11. illyus & Barrientos – What’s Going on?

Listen to more from illyus & Barrientos below:

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