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LAMP Tracks of the Day feat. Maribou State, Midland and Sona Vabos


So I’m calling out my homie PZB for being a lazy ass, and having me sub in mid-week for some tracks of the day. J/K buddy!

In truth he and his new cohort Mr. Millar have been VERY busy smashing some track together and working on a bunch of new material. They just played a great set at Exchange last weekend, and are opening for a very special Dirtybird guest Dj next Tues. Also stay tuned next Monday for a new rework their dropping on This Song is Sick.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do so here are 3 tracks that I’ve been really digging these last couple weeks and have found their way into my weekly mix.

Blindspot (Maribou State Remix) – Submotion Orchestra

Before I go on about Maribou State, we need to talk about Submotion Orchestra because these cats are extremely talented and I’ve been dying to see them live. Hailing from Leeds, England this seven piece ensemble have produced a series of great albums which I highly recommend. Their lead vocalist Ruby has a mesmerizing voice that can swim through a sea of melodic rhythms, dance seamlessly through a canter of percussions, and captivate the listener through every track. The entire band are symbiotic in their composition of every song, and I’m personally drawn to a solid percussionist and having 2 like Tommy and Danny makes this band ever more impressive.

Maribou State are two gents from Herefordshire (as they fondly refer to it – the Shire) that without ever meeting them seem like the two chillest guys on the planet. Their affinity for beautifully crafted ambient sounds, layered with simple beats and mixed with abstract vocal samples make it very difficulty to put your headphones down. It’s no wonder they decided to try their hands at remixing a Submotion Orchestra track. If it hasn’t been done already, what a show it would be to have them on stage together.

Trace – Midland

Another track from last year that has made it’s way into my mix this week is by the very talented and eclectic Midland. It seems I have also been drawn to England today for my sources of musical inspiration; I digress. The producer has a plethora of timeless mixes on behalf of XLR8R to the progressive thinking Boiler Room series. To really get a good understanding of Midland I highly recommend reading the interview on RA by Kristan J Caryl.

Dragon Smoke – Sona Vabos

I have to be honest, I was a little reserved about sharing this track by Sona Vabos, but that’s just downright selfish!! I know very little about this producer from London, and have been trying to figure out if his name was an anagram from something. Well if he feels inclined to a little interview with PUZL Magazine or our LAMP crew we’d love to know more about him. But for now his music can certainly speak for him! Oh and shout out to Main Course for this gem.


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