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LAMP Track of the Day: Silva – Break Time

Throwing some love back to our homegirl Silva who just released her debut EP with Understated Recordings. The Dash Radio host of Future Factory has been a hugely influential person in the Los Angeles house community and provides a wonderful opportunities for artists like myself and the rest of the LAMP family to have a platform to share our music. Always bring positive vibes everywhere she goes. We are excited to help spread the word on this great new EP of hers.

There are two great tracks on this EP. ‘Follow Me’ is a fun tune with a banging bass line and a little disco flare and ‘Break Time’. Im gonna focus on ‘Break Time’, since for me it was the one I gravitated to most. I am a sucker for techy sounds and ‘Break Time’ scratches that itch pretty good. The booming kick is so big you feel it through every inch of your body, and will get your nose itching if you know what I mean. Couple that with the staccato bass-line and we have a perfect combination to get the body moving. I really love the robotic sample that breaks up the the phrases as well. This track flows extremely well and it is so easy to fall right into the groove and just start bobbing away with it. Congrats to Silva and the Understated fam on another stellar release!



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