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LAMP Track of the Day: Shuhandz – Spend Time

Today we’re excited to feature a new single from our good friend and long time LAMP family member Shuhandz. For his latest release Shuhandz provides a deep and moody single that flexes his prowess as a producer and burgeoning songwriter. Tapping Josh Rubin for the top line on the track, “Spend Time” delivers a haunting vocal performance from the singer, telling the a story of unrequited love and the low moments following the end of a relationship. Rubin’s vocal plays perfectly to the tastefully minimal production and leads the listener on stirring emotional journey throughout the duration of the track.

Recently moving to Los Angeles from his native North Carolina, Shuhandz has been hard at work in the studio collaborating with with big name artists and finalizing some new tracks he promises to bring to us very soon! Watch this space for more from Shuhandz. In the mean time, check him out now on Spotify and stream “Spend Time” now on all major platforms!

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