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LAMP Track of the Day – January 9th


Got Two Tracks for you today. The first track of the day is our Thursday Throwback from Luetzenkirchen off of one of my favorite labels of all time Great Stuff. I have been listening to this guys music for almost a decade now and have several of his earlier tracks on vinyl as well. Im sure there will be a few more tracks from him featured here.

The second track is for today is actually a sample of the Promethean EP (GN063) by Turbo Turbo who were featured on here earlier this week with the remix of “Fishtank” by Zombie Nation. The track I used off of the EP for this weeks mix is “Melter”. Turbo Turbo have been around for a little over a year now I expect we will be hearing much more from them in the future.
Keep checking back every day. I will have a new track for you tomorrow and the weekly mix with all of the tracks put together real nice for your listening enjoyment.

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