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LAMP Track of the Day – February 4th


If you know me you know how much I love just about anything with an acid vibe to it, and today’s track “We Got It” definitely fits that bill. Today’s Track of the Day comes to you from Francis Xavier out of Sydney Australia. While he may be new to some of you he is no stranger to the world of Dance music. He has crafted a sound on this EP that comes from years of experience. Rocking crowds with his band Infusion, who have been touring the globe for the last 10 years playing some of the biggest festivals all over the world like Glastonbury, Exit and my personal favorite Coachella. Their sound could regularly be heard in mega-clubs all over the world as well, from LA to London to Tokyo. Make sure to check out the rest of his debut EP Chastised and Canonised below which is filled to the brim with gritty bass-lines that are about to get the dance floors jammed up with sweaty masses of people not giving a much of a care for anything except movin their feet.

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