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LAMP Track of the Day – February 27th


This song brings me back. I remember when I used to piss my band teacher off when I would bust that sample out on my sax in class just cause I was bored of all that classic music he was making us play. Anyway. The Track of the day by Tapesh and Dayne S titled “Motel” is some killer G-house. Basically the idea is remixing old gangsta rap tracks into house music. If your not familiar with the term look into it a little Sleazy G Records which released this track is a great place to start, also Bunny Tiger Records. There is a lot of great stuff out there right now.

Somebody else who is making some great music along those lines and house in general is Kolombo. He has teamed up with Dave Davis and Skint Records to make another great tune “Girlz in Wonderland”. Love where this track goes at around the 1:27 min mark of the sample above. Setting things up nice for a summer filled with pool parties!!

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