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LAMP Track of the Day – February 24th


Happy Monday Everybody!! Found this over the weekend and have been so indecisive about which version I like best Im just gonna share them all with you!! Todays Track of the Day “Work That 808” is from Dimitri Max out of Washington D.C.. This entire EP is gonna be in my dj crate for ever i love this song that much. There are a couple of different remixes by Oliver $ and Chuck Daniels but my favorite is the “Mutha Fuckin'” rework by Mr. Max himself. Enjoy.
RiskyVisionFebBannerGC In Store Promo 2-22-14
Also big ups to everyone who came out and supported our events this last Saturday. The Guitar Center Promo was loads of fun and if you made it to the Penguin Prison Show at Risky Vision then you already know whats up. If you didnt you missed an amazing Saturday with us but thats ok we hope to see you next time!!

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