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LAMP Track of the Day Feat Phunk Investigation, Federico Scavo & joeFarr


Track of the Day – Phank Investigation and Federico Scavo – Thank You and Fuck You

Got two more tracks that I want to share with you this week before tomorrows weekly mix. The first which is just a super fun house track by some of my favorite house producers Federico Scavo and Phunk Investigation. No messin around here just pure funky house with a vocal sample that tells it like it is!!

Rounding out the week we have another LAMP favorite JoeFarr with a track off his new EP. This is no holds barred techno at its finest. I have been such a fan of JoeFarr since I first came across his stuff a couple years ago. Im not sure what it will take to get this dude to come to Los Angeles but were gonna have to figure it out cause this dude is legit!

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