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LAMP Track of the Day feat. Tchami, Wax Romeo, and Hot Since 82


Back to back triple track of the day posts you say? Yes, I know we spoil you…and we also are running out of days this week!

If You Say – Wax Romeo

You need some soul and disco in your life? Well, Wax Romeo is here to satisfy that pleasure. I want to hang out with this guy that is all I know, and until I do I refuse to do a formal write up of him. For now enjoy some of his tumblr shenanigans. Oh yeah and everyone has to eat shit at some point in their lives.

Promesses feat. Kaleem Taylor – Tchami

If you haven’t heard him already, you’ve probably been stranded on a small island with no human contact, but Tchami is blazing some serious trails under the banner that he calls Future House. The Parisian producer’s otherwordly sounds are garnering attention from all corners of house, even the big room progressive types like Martin Garrix wanted in on the action. This particular track really spoke to me because of it’s intro and that first drop…so damn clean. Tchami has clearly spent time perfecting his sound techinically and as he says in his interview with Do Androids Dance, “it’s not a matter of age but maturity”.

Knee Deep in Louise (Original Mix) – Hot Since 82

Not going to bother intro’ing this guy, but I will say this track is still one of my favorites of his and I’m very grateful that I was able to work it into my mix this week. I’ve been hot since 83 so he’s really only got a year on me right? Ha! Here’s to hoping!


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