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LAMP Track of the Day Feat. gLAdiator and A.C. Slater


Im back alive and well and ready to bring you some new music this week today after taking a day to recover. Big ups to Mr. PUZL for holding down the fort the last two weeks. This past weekend out in the desert was absolutely amazing. It was a weekend filled with great music, sun and topless hot tub parties!!! Some of the musical highlights include the Do Lab on Saturday where I got to watch some of the Dirtybird Players along with Gorgon City, Sebastien Leger and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs a simply incredible day not to be forgotten any time soon. The Magician gets my vote for best set that I saw in the Yuma tent followed by Tiga and Duke Dumont. They were all fantastic and I could go on and on but we have more important things to discuss right now.

Track of the Day Feat. gLAdiator and A.C. Slater

I am so excited to be sharing these guys new EP with you for the track of the day. I remember back in August of 2011 at this little weekly shindig in Santa Monica called Versus that happened every Thursday. That night I met the gentelmen that are responsible for the track up above. It was a big night for all of us we were so excited to be playing one of our first legit LA shows. I had the honor of opening up for them and will ever forget that amazing evening. From there they have gone on to absolutely explode. They have played EDC, ULTRA, HARD, Tomorrow World and have been touring all over North America. Somehow during their ridiculous touring schedule they found time to write an new EP as well. This the 99th release on Fools Gold records is a sample of their diverse tastes and styles. hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! #SQUAD

AC Slater — Drink it Down

This next track of the day comes from the legendary AC Slater. I have been an AC Slater fan for quite sometime. Dating back to 2008 when his heater of a remix Turn the Music Came out. Ever since I have kept my eye on him. He has taken elements of classic house mixed with HUGE bass and thrown in a bit of that UK Garage and some classic breaks as well. His style of music has taken him all over the world more than once. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting AC Slater and watching him spin at one of his new already legendary nights called Night Bass at Sound in Los Angeles. He is in the beginnings of a huge tour right now so check him out if he’s coming to your area he won’t disappoint I promise.

Check out his Website and Tour Dates HERE

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