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LAMP Premiere: Wrong Assessment – Empire [Ascetic Limited]

Supporting local artists is important for any good music scene. Labels like Ascetic Limited in Los Angeles make giving that support an easy ask. Headed by the duo Motionen, Ascetic releases hypnotic, dark, and driven techno. The label’s latest release 8th Floor comes from Milanese artist Wrong Assessment. I’ve been a fan of Wrong Assessment’s work for a while now, especially Close To Red, another EP which features heavy, seemingly-endless techno which entrances the listener. Today’s premiere Empire from 8th Floor is no different.

The first thing the listener notices is the space Wrong Assessment gives the sounds in Empire. The use of reverb and delay on most of the individual noises creates a vast, echo-y room for the listener. Pay attention to this, because it comes into play later. As the song develops, layers are added to it. From ambient background noises, to the heavy synth, each sound has its own place. The synthesizers are mesmerizing and draw the listener’s attention to them. I found myself being hypnotized by the soundscape and synth combination, each sound changing and keeping my ears busy.

The breakdown continues the build-up that’s been two and a half minutes in the making. Remember all the background noises? They drop out after the break and we’re left with Empire‘s banging kick and synth. Wrong Assessment uses the tension before the break and the calm after it to contrast one another. By doing so he also accentuates the two elements, giving them more punch and impact. The development of the track keeps listeners engaged and interested. The ethereal and continuous nature of Empire makes it feel right at home in a warehouse at 3am.

The rest of the release, which is out today, can be found below. Links to purchase are in the Soundcloud posts, but here it is again:

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