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LAMP Premiere: Thomas Garcia & Hugh Carter – I Must Be Dreaming (feat. Juliet Mendoza) [Understated Recordings]

PZB is taking a much deserved break from writing reviews, premiers, and interviews as he heads out to Electric Forest to DJ for the wonderful concert goers in Rothbury, Michigan. I’ll be hopping in today to share a brand new tune from our friends over at Understated Records, from LA based producer Thomas Garcia and collaborator Hugh Carter. He also brought along vocal artist Juliet Mendoza to help narrate this delightful, deep house jam.

This tune honestly reminds me of some the Deep Dish style tracks the duo would rinse in their infamous podcasts. One could imagine themselves on a beach in Ibiza watching a sunset while listening to this tune and letting all their worries dissipate. From the moment the track opens up we’re greeted with this supple kick and light feathered, panning shakers. A bubbling, oscillating pad starts to unfold and peels back into a really nice, wide soundscape. As the title track infers there’s this ethereal sense to the production. Juliet Mendoza’s voice gives us this wonderful reassuring narrative as we are transported into another dimension, senses heightened and ready to absorb everything that we encounter. The wash of the ambient pads that persist throughout the track hug the listener in a warm blanket that really round out a well produced piece of music.

Based off of what I’ve been listening to on Garcia’s profile he has definitely got plenty of solid releases, including a pretty cool R&B tune that he put out a few months ago. With several collabs under his belt, a set at EDC this year, and a product of Icon Collective this producer certainly has a lot of the right ingredients to make it far in this saturated industry. Have a listen for yourself, definitely some choice mixes and singles in there for your listening pleasure.

I always appreciate it when an artist gives some context to the production and history behind the track so I’ll let you digest the quote below and get a sense of where this duo are coming from:

“Hugh and I were in the same college fraternity and were massive fans of dance music. At the time, we were not producing but always talked about maybe doing something in music together after college. In January of 2016, Hugh came over to my studio and we began the initial sketch of ‘I Must be Dreaming’. We laid down the chords and a basic drum groove and left it at that for nearly a year and a half. The song could have easily been another one of my stillborn projects. In the summer of 2017, I heard Juliet Mendoza’s “My City”, and I instantly new what I needed to finish our record. I opened the project and prepared a session to record vocals. In November, I finally arranged for Juliet to come over to record something. We both had note pads and began writing the lyrics. In about two to three hours we were all done. I am proud of this record because it was written, produced and mixed completely by us. I hope people enjoy this record.”


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