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LAMP Premiere: Sirena – Come Again [Farris Wheel]

Today we are excited to share a new track from Sirena. Come Again is a 2 track EP set for release this friday on Farris Wheel Recording the label of house legend Gene Farris. As a fellow journalist/ DJ/ producer when I heard about Sirena my interest was peaked for a few reasons. Crossing over from being an industry journalist she is just getting started with her producing career and making waves in a relatively short time. Gaining the attention of Kevin Saunderson with a release for KMS Recordings along with Lyase Recordings and a few others. Which brings us to today’s premier for Farris Wheel.

With “Come Again” we are treated to a stripped down and dubby house track. The incredibly fun and bouncy bass line feels like sitting in my uncles old pick up truck as we bound down a dirt road popping off the seats with every bump in the road having the time of my life! I feel like that is the meat and potatoes of this track, but Sirena definitely isn’t forgetting about all the fixings with a strong arrangement of percussive elements, chord stabs and vocal hits to give everything a little extra kick. The Dutch native has really been honing in on her productions and is someone we will be keeping a closer watch on for sure. Make sure to check out the full release this Friday and grab your copy of “Come Again”.



Farris Wheel Recordings

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