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LAMP Premiere: RISC – Omni Ledge [Ei8HT Records]

Today we have a new track for you to check out from Ei8HT Records. A new collaboration from Eats Everything and Andres Campo. Between the two of them there is no shortage of talent and knowledge. For their third release they have tapped Chicago born Brad Nelson who low call Los Angeles his home is launching his new Techno project RISC. I rarely come across an EP that is as good as this one is from top to bottom. Every track is top notch and feel like they take you on a journey. THe Full EP releases on July 28th and you can grab the pre order right here

Omni Ledge is the track we have for you today. A punchy kick with a tribal groove smashes you in the face from the opening note. Omni Ledge has a distinctive vibe that really reminds me of some of the great techno tracks of the early and mid 90’s. It feels like something I would hear from Orbital or Prodigy. A menagerie of crazy sounds and loops intertwined in some sort of ordered chaos that you cant help but be mesmerised by. Def put this one on your radar and stay tuned for from RISC and LAMP.

We had a chance to ask RISC a few questions check it out down below!

LAMP: Hello RISC it is great to have the chance to ask you a few questions and share your upcoming release Omni Ledge with our audience. Tell us a little more about the release and how it came together please.

RISC: Well I have been releasing music for the past year or so under the RISC name. Andres Campo had been playing a few of my tracks. He started talking about the new label him and Eats Everything we’re launching and asked if I’d like to release something for them. I was very excited to get involved! I’ve been sending them music for awhile now, and we picked a few different tracks for the Ep and Omni Ledge was one of them.

LAMP:It must be exciting to have so many respected artists such as Eats Everything, and Green Velvet among many others who are such a respected member of the house and techno community subscribing to your music. What would you say guides your music making decisions when you sit down to make a track?  Do you usually have something already in mind before you set out to start crafting the song?  What are some initial things you always do before getting started?

RISC: Yes it very rewarding to hear such talented Dj’s and producer to play my music. When I sit down in the studio a lot of what happens is by my mood. If I come into the studio with a vibe or an idea or if I need to vent, it comes out in my music. Some tracks are hard or darker depending on my mood. Other times I have an idea or a sample I want to use and I create the song around that. Inspiration comes from a lot of different places. It could be the music I am listening to that day, or some art I see, or even the weather. It all affects how I make a track.

LAMP:Tell us a little bit about your music background. Growing up in Chicago surely had a big impact and I am always curious how our guests childhood and upbringing influences the music that they make today. Who were some of your musical inspirations from the past and today that have had an impact on the artist you have become?

RISC: Well I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s in Chicago. From a very early age I was into music, listening to hip hop and early house music on my radio. I was fortunate to have Dj’s on radio stations that played house and underground dance music. We used to go to roller rinks and Dj’s would play house and hip hop there. Thats when I really got to hear it loud on a sound system. That’s when I started to get more involved in music going to clubs and underground raves, by then I made a choice to pursue it and start Djing. Some of the Dj’s and producers that influenced me are: Farley Jack Master Funk, Derrick Carter, Steve Silk Hurley, Dj Hyperactive, Justin Long, Cajmere, Dj Sneak, Jeff Mills, Blake Baxter, Derrick May, James Ruskin, Surgeon, Dave Clarke, Regis, Mark Broom, Cari Lekebusch, Tim Taylor and Underworld.

LAMP:We have established you grew up in Chi town but now make your home in LA.  What inspired you to make the move? Also seeing as how we are an LA based publication I would love to know some of your favorite places to go and listen to music in Los Angeles.

RISC: I moved to Los Angeles to go to recording school and to get out of the midwest. I needed a warmer climate! When I first moved out here I would go to The Echoplex, Lot 613, Sound night club, Respect, Roxy, House of Blues and Catch One. Some of these are no longer around or have changed names. But there are so many interesting parties and events that happen in the city. If something catches my ear and it has a cool vibe I will go check it out. I prefer the more underground events or one off shows, when the venue hasn’t been used before it keeps things exciting.

LAMP:This EP is all originals but Let’s say you’ve got the chance to program some remixes for the EP. If you could have your pick and money, time etc were no object who are some of you favorite producers right now that you’d want to have a go at reworking your tracks?

RISC: Oh boy that’s a hard one! There are so many producers out there that are so talented! I’ll pick a few of my all-time favorites, but in no particular order. James Ruskin, Surgeon, Regis, Dj Hyperactive, Luke Slater, Slam, Jeff Mills, and Green Velvet. Any one of these would be an honor!

LAMP:Thank you so much for your time and the incredible opportunity to share your music. Please keep us posted on future releases and we would love to know more about any shows you have here in LA.

RISC: Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my music! I am currently working on a live show and will be out on the road soon!


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