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LAMP Premiere: Reggie Dokes – Brown Sugar

Starting our week off with an new one from a wonderful purveyor of music Reggie Dokes. Born and raised in Detroit he gained an affinity for music at a young age and started DJing in his early teens. He has had a very successful career that has taken him across the globe. Learning from and playing alongside the wizard Derrick May along with the others from the Bellville Three and more from the Detroit underground scene that is so legendary today. He has taken those influences along with the huge musical impression his father bestowed upon him has led him to create his own label which has been going strong now for over a decade. Which leads us to our premiere for today “Brown Sugar” which is off his lates EP Feel Me Deep.

“Brown Sugar” instantly sets you in a good mood as you settle in for what is a dreamy musical adventure. Stabbing chords that will stick with us throughout the entire track lift you right up from the first note. A nice plucked bass accompanies a soft but punchy kick that sort feels like landing on a big air bag. Further adding to the adventure is a full symphony of other sounds including a winding pad and piano trill that jump in and out the mix regularly while some live violins dance in harmony. This track stands in a category all its own and is quite different from its counterpart which explores more of the techno roots of the Detroit scene that Dokes comes from. In addition to Reggie’s two tracks the EP also has two new tracks from Gari Romalis on the B side definitely making this EP something to add to the collection. The full EP is available now click here to buy and for more info

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