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LAMP Premiere: no_ip – It’s Wrong

Happy Halloween LAMP family. We have a really nice treat for you today! A premier from no_ip from one of our favorite labels Clash Lion. The label headed up by Shall Ocin TERR and Daniel Watts has been putting out some really great music since it began in 2017. We featured Risa Taniguchi a while back and are excited to share a new one from their upcoming album sampler Clash Culture Vol. 1.

Set for release on Friday November 1st is Clash Culture Vol.1 a diverse collection of music highlighting a talented group artists. We loved this debut release from no_ip and are excited to have the chance to share his debut release for Clash Lion. “It’s Wrong” is one of those tracks that sneaks up on you. It has a great little groove that has a bit of a tribal edge, with a chugging bass line that is easy to get into rhythm with. Where the track gets interesting is after the vocal that has the title sample in it. no_ip adds in some really epic synths that take things to a whole other level. There is some really great sound design going on with big epic horns and some crazy darting synths that remind me of the sounds from a couple of different Star Wars explosions. There are some really interesting little percs he throws in and the way he opens and closes the filters on the saw synths bouncing around in the background really adds some fun dynamics to the track.

Look out for this one and the others coming out on Culture Clash Vol. for Clash Lion. Click here for the pre-order link.



Clash Lion

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