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LAMP Premiere: Moree – Goes Like This [Swerve Digital]

Today we have another premiere for you from Swerve Digital out of London. You may remember another one we had recently from SEFF. This time around we have MOree, who has been holding things down in the Sheffield music scene for a some time now is jumping out with some new productions here in 2018. Most recently for Swerves upcoming Genesis-2 compilation. Genesis-2 continues Swerve Digital’s mission to support rising electronic talent worldwide, with original cuts from five stars of the future, due out on July 27th. It was hard to pick only one track to premiere for this release but “Goes Like This” got me in a sort of way so I am happy to present it to you here today.

MORee sets the tone right of the bat with a classic house groove and a gritty bass line to get us all in the mood. A catchy vocal line introduces us to the main theme of the song which he makes perfect use of. Chopping it and seamlessly dropping in the vocal hits from every angle to give a very lively feel. This is all well and good and makes for a great piece of music but the element for me that takes this song to the next level are the stabs that come in at a couple of different points through out the track. They really elevate the energy and inject the groove with pure gasoline! Light a match near it and its straight up fire! Have some fun with this one on a dance floor near you soon! Also check out the rest of the compilation and pick it up here.

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