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LAMP Premiere: MKJAY – Nu Funk [Kȯlmē Records]

So much amazing music coming your way this week. If you are familiar with Lucati and Dateless then you probably know they recently started a new label, Kȯlmē Records. These two are just cracking the 1st egg and oozing out the very beginnings of what is going to be a full on 3 egg omelette in the coming months and years as individual artists and label owners. I jumped at the chance to premiere one of the tracks off their upcoming release which is a compilation featuring 4 very talented artists. Rounding out the group of artists is Black V Neck, EMUH, Sterium and the focus of our premier lies with MKJAY.

Quite simply this track is fucking sick! I wouldn’t be much of a writer (not that i am that great anyway) if that’s all I said, but sometimes I feel that is all that is needed. Words often times just convolute things but there are some strong emotions invoked in me when I listen to this track and I will attempt to share them with you now. First off I am not sure if there is a particular part of Brazil where they breed crazy producers or if there is something in the water down there but I am constantly blown away by the level of talent I keep coming across from that country. I had been familiar but I am a fan now for sure after diving into his catalog. For this compilation his track Nu Funk stood out for its unique and dancefloor driven style. An encouraging vocal gets us amped up as the the groove booms away, laden with rolling toms and the perfect amount of atmosphere. What comes next in the drop is so unique and I am obsessed with it. The wonky drawn out synth is what gets me and not just the first time, every time. I love the tension it creates, like someone pulling a string on a bow super tight, and then how he rolls it into the little synth line that carries in between the phrases. This song is pure dancefloor fire. Make sure to look for this along with the other 3 three tracks that will be accompanying the Newkomers EP. Release Date Jan. 28th


Kȯlmē Records


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