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LAMP Premiere: Mikey Backpack – The Good Times

Today we’re pleased to premiere a brand new track from Los Angeles based producer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Mikey Backpack. Mikey is a man of many talents, from being a masterful bass and guitar player, to a synthesizer savant, to a witty and profound songwriter. He puts his eclectic skillset on full display for his latest track titled “The Good Times.” Entirely produced, written and performed by Mikey himself, the record is the second single from his upcoming E.P. “Modern Man.”

Mikey Backpack’s sound lies somewhere between that of LCD Soundsystem and Justin Jay, paying homage to the greats that have inspired him, whilst simultaneously breaking ground into new and more experimental sonic territory. “The Good Times” captures this essence perfectly and delivers a record that is fresh, funky, and vibrant from start to finish. It’s a difficult thing to make a record that feels nostalgic and familiar, while also sounding new and refreshing at the same time, but Mikey Backpack does just that. His playful and unique lyrics groove in perfect harmony with his 80’s-tinged synths and bass lines to ensure good vibes and good times for anyone within earshot.

For more of Mikey Backpack’s colorful and original sound, stay tuned for his new E.P. “Modern Man” dropping April 5th.

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