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LAMP Premiere: Lupz – Summergear (Frank Serin Remix) [Blankhaus]

We have a little Friday afternoon premier for you today to get you set for the long three day weekend here in LA. It has been a week of reconnecting with past guest mix artists. Today we have a new remix from Frank Serin who is an incredible producer from Peru. We have connected with him on a few occasions and are happy to share this one with you today. Set for release on September 3rd on Peruvian label Blankhaus, Argentinian Lucas Perazzi aka Lupz has three new originals on his EP Soul Capsules. I love that name for this album after having a chance to listen to the whole thing through. There are some really solid house and disco themes happening here that give the songs a fun vibe and help the listener get lost in the music. For our premiere we have Frank Serin’s remix of Summergear.

Summergear of the three originals is a little more subdued compared to the other two but still has some bright uplifting pads to keep us from slipping to far down the rabbit hole. A fun break beat during the bridge changes things up adding another layer of interest to the track. Serin with his remix keeps that same uplifting feeling but gives us more of a sunrise on the playa vibe with his sweeping pads and lazy bass lines meandering throughout the mix. Just the right amount of ambience and the perfect groove to keep us flowing as the night progresses to the day. Keep an eye out for this one on Blankhaus Records, Monday September 3rd.


Produced and mixed by Lucas Perazzi including a remix from Frank Serin

Artwork by ChangGang Lee

Available 9/3/18



Frank Serin

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