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LAMP Premiere: Klangkuenstler – Karma Chords [We Are The Brave]

Got a good one here for you all today! One of my absolute favorite producers over the last 4 or 5 years has been Klanguenstler. His range and style are ever changing but one thing remains constant and that is his productions are always top notch. When I heard that he had teamed up with the legendary Alan Fitzpatrick and his label We Are The Brave, my musical spidey sense got all tingly. If you have been following our Track of the Day selections over the last couple of years then you will know how much we appreciate this incredible label. It is a privilege to be able to share this new track “Karma Chords” with you all today courtesy of We Are The Brave and Klangkuenstler.

One of three new originals on the EP, Karma Chords is one of those tracks that makes me feel like I got transported back to the late 90’s warehouses in the Bay Area growing up. A rolling percussive groove gets things going, giving the song that locomotive feel, like it’s constantly driving forward harder and harder until it gets to that top speed. Joining into the fray is a few different ravey synth stabs that really gets the track moving and give it a really classic jackin techno vibe. It may take a minute for the track to get moving but when it reaches full speed and the whole arrangement is working in harmony you better watch out cause there is no stopping this train. Make sure you head over to We Are The Brave for more info on this EP and if you haven’t checked out Klanguenstler yet all the links will be down below for you to do so.

Pre Order Klangkuenstler – ‘Rise Of The Phoenix’


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