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LAMP Premiere: Khillaudio – Swingin’ Times (Sebb Junior Remix)

We are really excited to share this premiere with you today from label Gents & Dandy’s. With its roots firmly planted in house it has been going strong since its inception in 2014. Label owner Khillaudio brings us the latest release which is comprised of his new original “Swingin’ Times”. In addition the EP consists of two incredible remixes coming from Das Carma x RMR and the focus of our premiere comes from the one and only Sebb Junior. This Spanish producer ironically is known for his french inspired house music filled with his infectious grooves and melodies. He has put a wonderful spin on the original and taken us to a special place.

Sebb starts off the remix with a tantalizing vocal along with the lovely Rhodes style piano from the original while the main groove sort of hangs out in the background teasing us. A fun little bass line peaks its way through from time to time gradually becoming more consistent. Eventually setting us up for the introduction of the main groove. Its one of those classic house grooves that Sebb is so well know for creating. Nothing fancy or flashy, no big build ups or drops but when it hits, it is pure magic for the mind body and soul. Full of vibrant chords and an infectious bass line it is hard not to feel a certain way when this track hits your ears. The first time this touched my ears I was instantly drawn into the song and couldn’t help but start bouncing to the beat. Not many songs are that impactful the moment you first hear them. Keep an eye on this one it has classic written all over it. Look out for the full release coming soon. You can pre order the EP here

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