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LAMP Premiere: Griff – Circle Of Friends [Reptile Dysfunction]

Time for some disco from Scottish producer Griff. He returns to Doorly’s label Reptile Dysfunction with his latest release “Griff’s Gaff”. Four proper tracks that will get you up and moving with their classy and energetic disco vibes. If you are unfamiliar with Griff the young producer has been making his way a top notch selector for some of the best clubs in Ibiza among other places. He can regularly be heard putting his selecting skills to the test at Doorly’s Reptile Dysfunction events along with his ever popular Doorly & Friends parties. In addition to holding down residencies at for Do Not Sleep and Cafe Mambo. With his recent releases on RD, along with Corymbia Recordings he is also making people pay attention to his production skills. For our premiere we are excited to share “Circle Of Friends” with you one of 4 new originals on the EP.

Not that I am old enough to know what the clubs were like back in the height of the Disco era in the 70’s and 80’s but I feel like I am instantly transported right there when I put this track on. Everything about this track just envelopes you and you can’t help but get lost in it. An elegant groove overlaid with those epic strings sets the tone perfectly building up in energy as Griff adds in the funkiest of bass guitars and a acidy twinged synth lead to set the track into overdrive. How can you not love this track even more when the “Circle of Friends” vocal kicks in. If this doesn’t make you want to grab your closest friends and instantly invite them over to your pad for an impromptu disco party then nothing will! THe full EP Griff’s Gaff is available this Friday. Get your Pre-Order HERE



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