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LAMP Premiere: Grensta – Bang The B [Understated]

Today we have some new music from the Understated Recordings Family. Coming in strong with their first compilation All of U|S the brand has put together a solid package of original tracks from some highly recognized talents like Dave Nada, Titsworth and LA Riots along with rising stars Joluca, Anakim, and Modus and rounding out the comp is some local geniuses Mikey Fam, Thomas Garcia and a few others. About a year ago I had the chance to share a stage with Grensta at San Francisco’s Loveboat Halloween festival. I had been familiar with the name since he has been a past Discovery Project winner for Insomniac in addition the the many releases he has had with Anabatic Records, Psycho Disco and being fairly active in the Los angeles and SF music scenes and beyond. When we were asked if we wanted to premiere some of the All of U|S compilation we jumped at the opportunity to share Grensta’s with you. Without further delay.

“Bang The B’ starts off with an unassuming groove made up of rumbling and rolling drums and an old school house inspired vocal that comprised the song title. The female vocals flittering in to accompany the main vocal line fit perfectly and add a sultry feel to the vibe of the song. I say unassuming because if you just went by the first phrase of the track you would never assume that this was gonna be a bangin acid house beast of a track. I personally relate to the accompanying vocals because pretty much any day that you have the opportunity to discover some really dope acid house is a good day. That is what Grensta has provided us with here today. When the whole acid line comes to fruition and drops with all its juicy wetness I can’t help but be caught up in all its glory. It hits fast, drives hard and never lets up. It is like musical coffee instantly giving you a jolt of energy! I have always been a fan of the acid house and when done properly like “Bang The B” you can’t go wrong. Make sure to check this tune out and all of the others in this first compilation for Understated Recordings.



Understated Recordings

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