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LAMP Premiere: Drumcomplex – Acception [Cyborgs In Love]

Happy Friday everyone. Really excited to share some new music with you all today. Today we have a brand new one from a group I have been listening to for over a decade Drumcomplex. Their new track for the compilation We Are Cyborgs (release date 5/4/18) is absolutely off the charts and I am stoked we get to premiere it for you here today. The label it is releasing on Cyborgs In Love is the product of German born producer and DJ Yeni. This is the first compilation for the label following up the labels most recent release from Yeni herself. It is not one to be glossed over either. The entire comp from start to finish is curated beautifully with tracks coming from the likes of Gabriele Penn, Roland M. Dill, Chris Hirose, Pete Laskis & John Haden, Ronny Vergara & Djerry C, Bohn, Boodaman, Joonas L and Smoon. Topping everything of like a nice cherry on top of a banana split is Yeni’s mix that takes us on a journey through the entire compilation you never want to stop.

Focusing back on our premiere. Drumcomplex have put together a beast of a track for this compilation that will have you smashing the ground with your boots so hard the earth may begin to shake. That is if it isn’t already rumbling from the never ending bass that is booming from the speakers. Jumping off with a grungy no holds barred kick and high hat groove Drumcomplex take us down the rabbit hole as they continue to add more and more elements to the track. I am particularly fond of the filthy saw synth that drones away and modulates under the groove. The vocal doesnt take long to kick in either and at certain points takes on a life of its own. I have caught myself more than once changing the words to this song in my head, I get so utterly lost in it. That is a good thing by the way. The kicker of all this is I’m only about a minute into the track. The progressive nature of this track is the best part. While it is full of patterns nothing ever really repeats. My head just about popped off my shoulders at the 2:39 mark when the track jumps into overdrive. I really just cant get enough of this track and am excited to hear more from Drumcomplex along with Yeni and the rest of Cyborgs In Love, hopefully in the very near future . Check out the rest of this release over at Cyborgs In Love and grab the pre-order here:!-vol-1/2269750

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