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LAMP Premiere: Danny Serrano – Nebula [Serrano’s Kitchen]

Hi LAMP fam. Cooking up another premiere today for you. Coming off of Danny Serrano’s new album Craft we have a massive tune titled ‘Nebula’. The spanish producer based out of Madrid has made a huge name for himself over the last decade and a half, both in his home country Spain and globally. You can find his music on all the top labels which include Get Physical, Noir, Saved, Viva, Circus and the list continues. Additionally you will also find him in major venues and on huge festival stages across the world. Within the last couple years Serrano has been heading up his own record label as well called Serrano’s Kitchen. Over the years it has seen several top releases from himself and other prolific producers which include Oscar L, LA Riots, Daniel Kama and many more. Coming out on on Friday September 18th Craft consists of 8 new tracks from Danny. We are excited to present Nebula to you today and encourage you to dive into the full release when it is available on Friday.

As mentioned above Craft treats us to 8 new tracks from Serrano. Covering a diverse range, genre and style. For our premiere today we are focusing on one that grabbed my attention right from the opening bars, Nebula. An absolutely massive kick drum along with a plucky little acid synth start the track off. At its core this is an in your face four to the floor techno beast. Starting off with the basic bits and pieces and steadily gaining momentum until its coming at you full speed like a locomotive. I really enjoy the progression of the acid synth from the beginning of the track. It is subtle but really helps to drive the track along. Additionally the prominent and constient roaring of the the Rave Horn for lack of a better term really sets the whole track up when Serrano brings the whole track together at just past 5 minutes in. At which point, whether physically or metaphorically, if you are not jumping up and down with musical enjoyment you either just don’t like techno or you don’t have a pulse. I want to throw out massive thank you to Serrano and his team for letting us share this track with you today. Make sure you check out the full release this friday and be sure to pre-order on Beatport and add to your streaming platforms where available.



Full Press Release:

Press release: Danny Serrano releases Craft, his new album Danny Serrano runs his own recording studio and label, Serrano’s Kitchen, and has worked for big labels such as Desolat, Truesoul, Circus Recordings, Saved Records, Stereo Productions, and more over many years. The new album finds him broadening his musical horizons across a wide variety of house and tech styles, and the new single is a fantastic taster. ‘Craft’ talks about the daily life of any person in this crazy world, trying to change something in his boring life. It is an album with deep melodies where all the tracks play with voice and the melodies support a killer groove dedicated to the dance floor. The Future and Bimba follow soon after and show off more melodic and progressive styles, proving Serrano is always maturing as an artist. This new album is another standout track in the discography of Serrano and a fine preview of the full length to come.

Release Date (Beatport Exclusive): 18/09/2020 

Elsewhere (Spotify/iTunes etc): 02/10/2020 


Danny Serrano – Behind (Original)

Danny Serrano Feat Lu – Bimba (Original)

Danny Serrano – Craft (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano – Indiana (Original)

Danny Serrano – The Future (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano – Disorder (Original)

Danny Serrano – Teachers (Origianl)

Danny Serrano – Nebula (Original)

Danny Serrano – Takeover (Original)


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