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LAMP Premiere: Chuck Daniels – What!

If you have ever dived into the Detroit music scene then you have most certainly come across the sounds of Chuck Daniels. The founder of Sampled Detroit was kind enough to send us his latest compilation which is the first of a three volume series celebrating the labels 16 years of success. Having been home to many prolific techno and house producers over the years this sampler features some top notch music from some of the best producers in house and techno today. This release will feature artists Jesse Rose, Hazmat, Ataxia, Piem and more in addition to “What!” by Chuck Daniels himself and the focus of our premier today.

When you think of Detroit these days the first thing that usually comes to mind is techno and while it does lay claim as the birthplace of the genre it is not the only style of music that this city is know for. With “What!” Daniels gives us a nice dose of those techy influences while delivering a solid house groove. It is nearly impossible not to notice the heavily modulated “What!” vox sample that is driving the track title, it nicely ties the whole song together mixing in with the main vocal. As the track moves along deep rolling bass lines move in giving it a fun and bouncy vibe while a stabbing saw synth drives the track along. Daniels brings all of these elements together in a perfectly arranged tech house groover that is bound to fill dance floors across the globe. You can pre-order today just click this link here and make sure to check out the full release upcoming on 3.23.18 on Sample Detroit Records.

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