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LAMP Premier: Stefan Seay – Chicago (Julian Montenegro Remix) [Understated Recordings]

Some new music for you today from close to home. Los Angeles based Understated Recordings is set to release a new track and remix package featuring a new track from Stefan Seay. You may remember another remix for another of Stefan’s tracks we featured earlier this year as well from Roy LaCroix. Stefan is one of the resident selectors for The 900 Block a local crew that has been instrumental in the underground house and techno scene in Los Angeles for the last 4 years. Putting his background in film sound production to good work and combining it with his found love of house music we are treated to “Chicago”. A fun track with a growling bass line and bouncing toms and a slick little acid lead is nice ode to the city that claims the mantle of Birthplace of House. In addition to this we are also getting 4 solid remixes from Michael Fam, Dominic Marceaux, WhereisFenix and the track we are premiering today from our good friend and past Weekly Mix artist Julian Montenegro

It is a big family affair today bringing together a trifecta of friends with Understated, Stefan Seay and remix artist Julian Montenegro. The entire EP is really great the original and the rest of the remixes definitely make this entire EP worth grabbing. Julian for his remix takes things down what I would say is a slightly darker path and definitely puts his signature touches on to the track. A thick rich bassline just slathers itself all over the entire track and works hard throughout most of the track. It’s definitely one of those warehouse wall shakers. What I love about this remix is the exceptional use of percussion in the build up and break downs. There are so many layers of drums and other percussive elements coming at you from what feels like every direction. If you listen on a really good pair of headphones or a professional rig that’s tuned you will hear what I mean. I’m also a big fan of that wicked hoover synth that slices through the mix injecting a bit of energy every 16 bars or so. It really keeps things super interesting and creates a fun dynamic.

Chicago is available on Understated REcords November 22, 2019

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