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LAMP Premier: Stefan Seay – Acid Kiss ft. WILLYOUARENOT (Roy LaCroix Remix)

This past year if you have been active in the underground house music scene here in Los Angeles then it is quite possible you are familiar with the efforts of The 900 Block. That team has been putting together some really great events and continue to grow stronger. One reason behind their success is the talented roster of residents that they have added to their team. A couple of weeks ago we featured one of their residents Mikey Fam, today we talk about another one of their residents Stefan Seay. Last year he put out a great track Acid Kiss featuring WILLYOUARENOT on Cool Contest Records. Coming up this Friday the 28th Cool Contest has a dope remix package set for release. Stacked full of talented producers the one that stood out for me was the Roy LaCroix remix which we are excited to premier here today.

I pretty much fell in love with this track from the opening. Breakbeats, Robots and chord stabs to die for. Channeling a little Grandmaster Flash and some Kraftwerk, LaCroix takes on a trip to the 80’s with this old school remix. A classic breakbeat groove drives the track with booming 808’s filling the air along with some classic vinyl scratching and a techy top line. The speak and spell robot voice takes me back to my childhood which was right about the time this style of music was being invented giving it a further sense of old school authenticity. Had this track on repeat now for the better part of an hour while writing it and still love it as much, maybe even more, than I did the first time I heard. Will be keeping this one in the rotation for quite some time! You can pre-order the entire remix package here or pick it up this friday when it is released on Cool Contest Records HERE.

Roy LaCroix

Stefan Seay

Cool Contest

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