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LAMP Premier: Jaksan – Dance Alarm

Here is dose of afternoon caffeine for all of you who can’t wait to get out get your 4th of July weekend started. Coming out exclusively on OFDM Records and Beatport today “Dance Alarm” by Jaksan is earth shaker and sure to get you in the right mood to celebrate. The bass on this track is so massive and so well mixed it literally had my house shaking! It really ticks off all the boxes of a track that is going to get me out on the floor and moving. I can’t wait to drop this on a proper system and watch people just start toppling over from all the bass vibrating through their bodies. The synth work on this track is also really great. There is just the right amount of alarm and it really blends in well with the groove and the bass.

Grab a copy HERE

Based in LA Jaksan is someone we will be keeping a very close eye on. He recently had his track LaLaLa picked up by Dirtybird and his catalog of releases on other labels is pretty great. In addition to Dance Alarm the EP has one other original Lit & Dirty and there is also a remix of Dance Alarm from Cody Nu Skool. Enjoy


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