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LAMP Premier – Garneau – Agave [Understated Recordings]

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Hi LAMP Fam hope you are all well out there wherever you are. It has been a little while but we are excited to share with you some brand new music today. An artist that I have been following since I first caught him here in LA a little while back is British Columbia based Garneau. He has tremendous range and shows it with his latest release Ivy. A six track EP due out on Understated Recordings this Friday July 10th. I have had the pleasure of diving into this entire EP and was blown away by the depth of style and energy brought forth with this project. As a student and lover of all things electronic I really enjoyed the journey into the realms of Deep House, Breaks and Lo-fi House.

It is hard not to play favorites with this release as all 6 tracks have their own special features about them that I enjoy. For our premier today we excited to share with you “Agave”. This track kinda sneaks up on you starting off with some spaced out bleeps and bloops along and a soft and airy arp line that cuts through helping to build the energy. Next thing you know the bass line hits and you are blasted off into space. The bass line on this track seals the deal for me. It has a sort of 80’s vibe to it. It’s thick and vibrates through every part of the body. Eventually we progress into lively breakbeat that when combined with the other elements previously discussed, fully launches this track and the listener into another realm. After listening to the whole album a few times it has become apparent to me that this track really encompasses the vibe of the EP as a whole into one track. All of them are absolutely fantastic but this one has become my favorite and I am stoked to share it with you all!

Make sure to save this one. You can find all of your listening options here on release day July 10th –

Read Below to learn more about the release and Garneau. He is on a steady rise and someone to keep an eye on for sure!

Garneau is a well established and extremely talented DJ and producer who resides in British Columbia and travels throughout Canada and the United States to perform at clubs and festivals. Garneau’s impressive music knowledge and production skills continue to amaze us and all listeners as he is able to tell a story with each track by creating the perfect groove and melody. Understated is thrilled to announce Garneau’s second EP with our label ‘Ivy’ featuring six tracks which are carefully crafted and organized to take you on a journey from start to finish. The first two tracks Spring and Autumn have more of a bright, vibrant house sound which then blends perfectly into the third track Rainforest which is electro and breaks driven but without sacrificing the peaceful, melodic sound. Next up is Snow which is also breaks driven with a beautifully composed, more upbeat melody. The title track Ivy is number five and is a groovy, lo-fi, late night track that then leads us into Agave which is emotional and deep yet celebratory and satisfying. Each track builds off the one before and strengthens the next and it is easy to hear Garneau’s voice in his thoughtfully produced work. 

Grateful for the chance to put together and share this 6 track EP which means so much to me as it highlights a bit of range in my production style. Also happy to be working with the Understated team for the second time in the last 2 years and already looking forward to the next one with them.

About Garneau

Montreal raised and current British Columbia local Garneau is no stranger to the scene. Garneau began DJing in 2008 which guided this rising star into a successful career in the world of producing shortly after in 2013. You can catch Garneau regularly performing at notorious events throughout Canada and the United States such as Bass Coast Music and Arts Festival, Shambhala Music Festival, and the Arntre Reset party series. This extremely talented artist has also released several mixes on well known platforms such as Dash Radio. Garneau is not confined to any one specific genre, which is apparent in his catalogue of releases from disco to electronic to ghetto house to techno. His collaborations include working with the Dance Mania Records crew from Chicago with a vinyl release with Parris Mitchell and two remixes with DJ Deeon, a single with DJ Slugo, and a few tracks in the works with J.Phlip from Dirtybird Records. Garneau continues making a name for himself and earlier this year teamed up with Sami from Europe’s leading independent club music label Top Billin Music to create their own label, Club Designs. Garneau has much more planned for us in the upcoming few years so stay tuned!

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About Understated

Launched in October 2016, Understated is a community, event series, and music crew that has been creating some of Los Angeles’ most hotly tipped underground parties and club events. Understated Recordings is the label powered and curated by the Understated events team, focusing on house, techno, and everything in between that’s coming out of LA’s thriving underground dance music scene.

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