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LAMP Premier: Devid Dega + Raul Mezcolanza – Cosmo [Riot Recordings]

Lots of new music this week and just because it’s a holiday week doesn’t mean we are taking a break. Just in time to rock your 4th of July is a new one coming from Riot Recordings a label headed up by Frankyeffe of one of my favorite producers over the past few years. The latest release comes from Spaniard Raul Mezcolanza and Italian Devid Dega. RIOT 102 Titled “Cosmo” will be released in a just a few days and we have your pre order link right here if you want to make sure you get it as soon as it releases on Monday. There are two originals “Cosmo” and “I Believe You” with remixes coming respectively from BolsteR and Luca Marchese. We are excited to have the chance to share the original version of Cosmos with you here today.

Pre-order HERE

This is the first time I have come across both of these producers and I am really excited to get to know their music better. Both have amazing catalogs of music and I strongly encourage you to go through their beatport and spotify pages. “Cosmo” is beautifully arranged Techno beast that is going to drive any dancefloor it is played too into a frenzy. The groove is dripping with rich bass that permeates throughout every aspect of the track. This track straight up rumbles like a freight train and whenever I get that feeling I always know we got a banger on our hands. ‘Cosmo’ is no exception to the rule there. There is rarely a moment besides just a few seconds where the driving groove relents. When it does we are treated to amazing and ethereal pads and cool percussive elements that will take you off to another planet. I also really enjoy the brooding synth that meanders in and out of the mix adding another little bit of excitement to the song. For sure will be dropping this track in my sets myself and can’t wait to give it a try tomorrow night when I get to drop some proper techno here in LA. Make sure to add this to your collection if your a DJ and if you love quality Techno make sure to add Riot Recording and these two amazing producers to your lists.


Riot Recording

Devid Dega,

Raul Mezcolanza

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