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LAMP Mix #318 feat. Henry Pope

Hello LAMP fam. We are dishing up a healthy dose of summer vibes with our latest guest mix. Today we are stoked to have one of our good friends and a major contributor to the music scene here in Southern California Mr. Henry Pope. We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Pope for the last several years and could not be more stoked to share this mix with you today. It is a little tough these days to really get out and enjoy the summer with the state of the world but Henry has somehow bottled it up and expressed some serious summer vibes with this mix and we think you will agree!!


If you are active in the underground scene here in Los Angeles it is highly likely you have come across his music. He has played to massive crowds as his music has made its way across the globe and I have had the pleasure to enjoy both his live electronic sets with compadre Littlefoot and solo DJ sets which are highly energetic and always get their respective crowds fired up. He has an extensive list of productions that has seen him booked at festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle and on the Do Lab stage at Coachella adding to that list are multiple Burning Man sets, Reggae On The Mountain, Boogaloo Mountain Jam, among many many more. The list is long and full of highlights. Additionally he is the owner and producer of one of the most magical festivals on the planet Genius Loci which takes place annually on a beautiful little peninsula on the Baja Coast just south of Ensenada in Mexico. I have had the pure joy and pleasure of playing down there twice and it is truly one of the most pure music experiences I have ever been a part of. Many people including myself literally leave there crying tears of joy from the time had there over not just the music but also the strengthening of friendships as well as the new ones that are forged during the four day event. A huge thanks to Henry Pope for all he does to make our community strong and another one for taking the time to but this incredible mix together. I have linked a couple of tracks down below for you to check out and his socials if you want to dive into his music a bit more along with the mix Tracklist. Sit back and let some summer vibes flow through the speakers and enjoy, courtesy of Henry Pope. Cheers and keep on dancing LAMP Fam!!

Track List

1. Ace Of Base –  Cruel Summer (Donatello & Arnas D remix) 

2. Sparrow and Barbossa – Nterini

3. Dorian Craft – Yume

4. Dandara – The Ambience of Life Remix

5. Greg Wilson – Cocaine Blues Remix 

6. Joeski – Sacred Rhythm Extended Mix

7. Peace & Brett Rubin – Like Being Stoned 

8. Fabio Aurea – Yini (ft Toshi) (Serge Devant Remix)

9. Ian Ludvig – Everyday

Socials and more!


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