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LAMP Guest Mix #317 feat. Maikol – 4th of July LAMP Mix

Hi LAMP Fam. As we get ready for another 4th of July here in Los Angeles and navigate through these very interesting times, we wanted to keep one thing constant. That being, welcoming our good friend Maikol back to the mix series for what has become an annual tradition. We are always so happy with the work that Maikol does and the effort he puts into his mixes. He wrote up a little something down below so give a quick read and enjoy the mix. Have a safe and happy weekend. We hope this mix can bring a little light and joy to your day.

“Another 4th of July, another LAMP mix to stick with tradition! We’ve been living in weird and unfortunate times this year and I had been itching for a getaway, a refresh. My friends and I decided to set out for Joshua Tree, which was my first time visiting, so we brought my DJ equipment and speakers for the occasion. It was the weekend of the summer solstice and a new moon, so ALL of the stars were in the night sky and we partied through the sunrise. I hadn’t planned much of anything to record, so the whole weekend experience sparked the spontaneity of this set and I felt like I was flying on the seat of my pants. I hope this mix helps you momentarily escape positively from the realities of 2020 and return better than before much like what this weekend in the desert served for me!”
– Maikol


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