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LAMP Exclusive: A Day In The Life With Rennie Foster

A few weeks ago we premiered Crisis Actors from one of my favorite producers Rennie Foster. While we were at it Rennie was kind enough to put together an Exclusive mix for LAMP and in lieu of our traditional interview we have a fun look into the daily life of one of the hardest working Producer/ DJ/ Label Owners in the business and an all around good guy. It is a wonderful perspective into a recent date at the end of March and a great opportunity to dive deeper into the artists world of music that we don’t often get to see. Also please check out Crisis Actors HERE. Please enjoy the mix and feature, it will make a great start to your weekend soundtrack for sure!

Rennie Foster – A Brief Diary for LAMP

Each entry goes with the image of the same number.

01. Studio Bell National Music Centre

01. The day started with a 6:00 AM Domestic flight from Vancouver, BC, Canada, where I dwell, to Calgary, Alberta, home of Moonlight Records, to promote the release of my new, two track EP, Crisis Actors. The two remixers on this EP, Kloves and Matt Caine are also from Calgary, so it’s a real Canadian electronic music industry effort. On that subject matter, I made a stop by the Studio Bell National Music Centre in Calgary. They had a lot of really cool looking and interesting electronic gear on display, such as vintage modular synths, and I certainly enjoyed that and the Corey Hart display. Besides the two currently most obvious Canadian names in dance music, all other pioneers and notable Canadian artists were absent of course. Disappointing, but unfortunately not surprising for the mainstream Canadian view of dance music, which is why techno and house music culture and industry primarily remain an underground entity in Canada. No problem. I love the underground and many others know very well that the techno and house music game is chalk full of legendary Canadians, even if it is never recognized by the Canadian music establishment. We have been doing it for decades.

02. CJSW 90.9 FM University of Calgary

02. After stuffing myself with all-you-can-eat BBQ ribs care of RF label artist Chordlust, who also lives in Calgary, I was off to the University of Calgary for a two hour DJ set on CJSW 90.9 FM’s premiere techno show, Modulations. When I was finished laying down new tracks from fresh releases I have out on RF, Moonlight, aDepth audio, and Soiree Records in Detroit, I stuck around and heard some of Calgary’s up-n-comers lay down some wicked underground house and club oriented techno tracks that definitely had me open. Canada’s legal weed situation was also appreciated greatly this whole trip and it really blew my mind being able to fly from Calgary to Victoria the next day with some neatly packaged doobage in my carry-on. Oh Canada!

03. Victoria Regent Hotel

03. As a working class DJ I am used to staying in modest hotel rooms, but a few times I have received the real royal treatment, and this was one to remember for sure. Victoria is my hometown, and when I come here to play I am often shown very special love and respect. When I stepped into this room, I felt that truly. A giant suite just steps across from the venue I was playing on Friday with a stunning water-front view, was the perfect place to entertain some of my closest Victoria homies including top local club DJ Degree One, legendary club dancer and hairstylist Gerrard Hardisty, and the DJ who introduced me to the art-form way back in the day, DJ Rod Mack. The smoking friendly balcony was an ideal spot to puff one watching the sunset over the harbor and the Parliament building light up like a postcard.

04. Lucky Bar

04. This is one of the premier nightlife venues in Victoria and I’ve played here before, but it had been several years. I was hyped to return to the booth at midnight and lay down the vibe I knew was going to be just right for this friendly and open-minded crowd. It looked much like I remember it, a hipster vibe with a vintage motorcycle on display near the ceiling, a variety of beers flowing, retro neon and exposed brick. It felt a lot like Victoria and I was feeling at home and comfortable. I knew it was going to be an intimate night, but could, and should, also get a bit raucous. The sound system had been noticeably improved since I’d last played there and when I arrived the resident DJ, promoter, and long time homie Christoph Maitland was fully in the zone with a boisterous dance floor already in full effect. His skills and stalwart passion for house music have made Christoph a beloved figure in Victoria’s night-life and his set reflected it. I took command at midnight and did my thing. I was truly spoiled by a dance-floor full of eager, beautiful, smiling people, many of them familiar, and many more of them new and just as stoked to see what all the hype was about. I played my new release Crisis Actors to an engaged and energized floor in a packed club, goal achieved. Great energy all night from everyone and the Lucky Bar staff were fantastic.

05. BC Ferries

05. I thought I’d spare everyone the tired old “DJ in an airport” photo and instead opted for this image of my final travel of this weekend from Victoria back to Vancouver, where as I mentioned before, I dwell. Back to the city and back to the studio. The cruise on the Ferry is under two hours, but the exquisite and ever changing oceanic views of the coastal landscape make the time fly. I am so proud to be from this place. British Columbia is truly supernatural and musically inspiring.

– Rennie Foster
March 27 / 28 / 29 2019

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