Los Angeles Music Project – LAMP – is an artistic collective, event production team, and online platform founded by Alex Slater, Joshua Brooks, and Randall Bass. The group primarily focuses on nurturing young artistic talent, curating quality music, and producing stylistic events with an emphasis on generating community engagement. LAMP’s online platform offers a wide spectrum of content including daily featured tracks, a weekly mix series, artist Q&A’s, and track premieres in order to successfully create an immersive community experience.

LAMP boasts an impressive roster of artists across a wide range of genres under the electronic music umbrella. From the disco/electronica of Jamie Prado and Leo Islo to the melodic techno and tech house of Le Monkey and PZB to the tropical and R&B influences of Damon Steele, LAMP has its hands in just about everything that can make you dance. As its ever-expanding roster broadens LAMP will continue to attract new music, new sounds, and the new ears that come with them.